October 29, 2012

Ragazine.CC, November-December 2012, V8N6

The online magazine of art, information
& entertainment: An eclectic mix for a global audience.
Tice Lerner, Photography
Stephanie Rond/Art
Lilvia Soto/Latin in American
Alberto Blanco/Poetry
Paul West on Beckett
 Jack Zipes/Fairy Tales
Virginia Fabbri Butera on "Politics, Society & Sexuality 
in Middle Eastern Feminist Art"
Steve Bromberg, Alison Meyers, Devin McMicken,
Galanty Miller, Jim Palombo, Mark Levy, Jeff Katz,
Nicholas Wilsey, Phil Boiarski, Cecil Jordan,
Alan Britt, Paul Sohar, Karen Miranda, Doug Bond
Walter Gurbo, Nadja Asghar & More ...
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