October 14, 2012

Elijah M. Brown in Rutherford 10/16

William Carlos Williams Poetry Cooperative 
of Southern Bergen County presents:

Poetry in Rutherford 
7 PM Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Featuring Elijah M. Brown Plus the words of William Carlos Williams and open readings from the floor 

 This program is held at the Williams Center for the Arts, One Williams Plaza, Rutherford NJ Call the Rutherford Public Library at 201.939.8600 for more information.

About our featured poet 

Elijah Brown is a youth advocate believing and understanding that all children need love, attention and exposure to positivity, which prompted his enrollment in school to become a teacher. He is presently a Teacher Assistant and he instructs poetry workshops at colleges, churches and youth prisons.

Currently, he’s a student at Essex County College majoring in Liberal Arts communications. His six year pause from school gave him the break he needed to pursue his passion for poetry and publish his first book, “Missing Pages, Out of My Life”, which has become a best seller, selling over 10,000 copies.

Blessed with the gift to uplift and inspire, he knew it was important for him to assist others. He also started his mentoring program showing the youth how to turn their "Passions into a Profession" because we learn how to work for others and not ourselves. He then began to start his own publishing company "Let It Flow Publishing" publishing more than 20 books assisting mostly poets because he learned while publishing that there are vanity presses who aren't in the favor of future authors.

Elijah Brown is also an actor. His acting career debuted in 2011 in a play called “Women on the Edge,” selling out three nights. With his experience on the stage from poetry, he has produced 3 plays, “It Takes a Child to Raise a Village,” “His Story” and his most anticipating two man play “manUP." The play journeys through the life of average American males and their challenges with self esteem, substance abuse, jail, family, women, and their roles as men in today's society which he released on Father’s Day weekend. Having four sold out shows. He has performed on and off Broadway several times with Dance Innovations.

Although no stranger to accomplishments, Elijah Brown is very very humble… no bragging just uplifting, inspiring and entertaining. He wears his heart on his sleeve… sharing, caring and dedicating himself to promote change through the genre of poetry. This is powerful evidence that “It Takes a Child to Raise a Village”, although he is a child no more.


 For bookings: Info@manuptheplay.com

To see performances: youtube.com/elijahbr85; Twitter.com/Elijah_mbrown; Facebook.com/elijahmb

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