September 11, 2012

PoetryNJ is 10 Years Old!

From Peter Murphy/Murphy Writing Seminars/PoetryNJ
Dear Subscriber,    

It was a quiet anniversary, so quiet I almost missed it, but we just completed   ten years of posting notices of literary events in New Jersey, New York,   Philadelphia and environs. That's more than 5,600 events. Not bad. The first   month we sent out one notice to about 30 people. The latest one went out to over   1,300. You can see for yourself on the PoetryNJ Homepage [].     

I would like to thank the dozens of event organizers who bring the finest   writers in the country to the Tri-state area. I would also like to give a   special thanks to MaryLisa DeDomenicis who has been managing the listserv on my   behalf since March, 2010. And I would like to thank those of you who have told   us how useful PoetryNJ is. We appreciate it.   

 Do you have an event you'd like us to post. Click the link on the PoetryNJ home   page for the guidelines.    

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