September 15, 2012

NYQuarterly Reading MONDAY

NYQ Monthly Reading Series at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC -- THIS COMING MONDAY
September 17

MONDAY, September 17, 2012, 6 pm at the Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC - Matthew Yeager, Lauren Schmidt and Tony Gloeggler will read. $8 cover gets you your first drink.

Brooklyn Book Festival
Come by and see us at the Brooklyn Book Festival — Sunday, September 23, 2012; from 10am to 6pm. See the Brooklyn Book Festival website for all the details. We will be stationed at Court and Montague Streets along with sunnyoutside, an independent press.

NYQ Books — Latest Releases — ON SALE NOW

The Place I Call Home by Maria Mazziotti Gillan

The place that Maria Mazziotti Gillan calls home is a universal haven built of enduring memories and peopled by loving family. In Gillan's newest book of poetry, The Place I Call Home, we share her complex emotions of an immigrant childhood in Paterson, New Jersey, in the 1950s, her long marriage, her husband's devastating illness, and her subsequent widowhood. Yet, we also share the sheltering family in which she grew up, the deep love binding her and her husband, the unfolding of her life as a mother and grandmother, and, most of all, her resilient spirit. She reminds us that even when the bud of youthful naïveté flowers into the reality of an uncaring universe, we are home again when we recall the protection we felt within the warm sanctuary of family. These poems are beautiful crystalline narratives, sometimes exuberant and sometimes poignant, but always unflinchingly true.

My Tranquil War and Other Poems by Anis Shivani

Composed over the last decade, My Tranquil War and Other Poems tackles head-on the response of the poet in a time of great political turmoil. What is the poet's special responsibility? When terror becomes a general condition of dread, internalized to the last degree, even beauty and truth assume grotesque masks. The poet surveys the breakage of culture, occurring both retrospectively and in the present, and is left speechless—and potentially harmless. No one is exempt from the brutality, there are no excuses. The danger for poetry in such times is that it can become slave to technique and self-worship, in love with its own grandiosity. The fiery apocalypse of the soul, negated at its core, at a time when the public and the private merge like inseparable warring twins, is what My Tranquil War and Other Poems tries to capture, in poetry carefully treading the fault lines of sacredness, when nothing is labeled as such.

The Creek at the End of the Lawns by Ira Joe Fisher

With his fourth collection of verse, The Creek at the End of the Lawns, Fisher delves into the minds and lives lived in both a village and a city. Trees and streets and haunted hills figure in these poems. How does one negotiate each day's path as well as the shadows of night? These poems suggest a person-a soul-doing so, or dying in the trying. Fisher's well-crafted narrative and lyric verse creates a conversation which draws the reader into an investigation of both life and self and assures that each reading of this book is a rare verbal and visual treat to be enjoyed again and again.

The New Arcana by John Amen and Daniel Y. Harris

The New Arcana is a multi-genre extravaganza featuring verse, fiction, mock journalism and academic writing, drama, and art. Both referencing and transcending various literary precedents, the book is a pronouncement for the 21st Century, an exploration of and commentary on the fast-paced and mercurial nature of life in the 2000s. Co-written by poets John Amen and Daniel Y. Harris, the book presents a compelling, jazz-like, and satirical style, a third voice born from the mingling of two distinct individual voices. The New Arcana is a memorable literary statement—a manifesto for our time—as well as a proclamation regarding the transformative qualities of true collaboration.

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