September 1, 2012

Fox Chase Review latest edition now online

The Autumn/Winter 2012 edition of The Fox Chase Review  
is now live and on line. 

We are pleased to present :
Poetry by:  Vinita Agrawal,  Lawren Bale, Grant Clauser, Ryan Eckes, Ray Garman, Pat Goodman, Karen Hurley-Heyman, Suzan Jivan,  Maria Keane, e. jean lanyon, Ben Nardolilli, Carlos Hernández Peña, Christopher Reynolds, Wendy Shermer, Melissa Studdard, J.C. Todd
Fiction by:  Tetman Callis, Michelle Wittle, Tony Rickaby, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Mag Tan Yee Mei 

The Fox Chase Review: 

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