August 5, 2012

Two Readings in August, plus new books

Special Nite -- NYQ Reading at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC -- THIS COMING THURSDAY

THURSDAY, August 9, 2012, 6 pm at the Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC - Joanna Crispi, Morty Sklar and Pui Ying Wong will read. $8 cover gets you your first drink.

NYQ Monthly Reading Series at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC -- MONDAY, August 20

MONDAY, August 20, 2012, 6 pm at the Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC - Stephanie Dickinson, Alex Galper and Ted Jonathan will read. $8 cover gets you your first drink.

NYQ Books — Latest Release — ON SALE NOW

The Early Death of Men by Clint Margrave

In his dark and often humorous debut, The Early Death of Men, Clint Margrave gives us poems that provide no railings for the honest, frank edge on which they stand, poems that peek through telescopes and key holes in equal astonishment, devour words like stars devour planets, or lovers one another. Written in a language as accessible and sturdy as our bones, The Early Death of Men is humane, deliberate, and witty. An impactful, original, and fierce collection that despite its name promises to remain vital long after you put it down.

NYQ Books — to be released THIS THURSDAY at the Cornelia Street Reading!

The Guilty Ones by Joanna Crispi

Set in Rome at summer's end, The Guilty Ones tells the story of three individuals: Juliet, who abandoned her career as a criminal defense attorney for life with Francois, a wealthy Parisian banker, and Mike Chase, a New York prosecutor whose career is about to take off with a high-profile international case. All three are skilled at manipulating the world around them until they find themselves in a situation they cannot control. Then, only the truth suffices. "We've all cheated a little," Juliet tells Mike. An anguished triangle of intimacy emerges as they become trapped by events that reach across continents with implications of terrorism and murder. Uncertain for the future and their own emotions, each holds a card to play in this game where the stakes are love and hate, life and death.

NYQ Books — to be released August 10!

Dip My Pacifier in Whiskey by Mathias Nelson

In his first full-length collection of poetry, Dip My Pacifier in Whiskey, Mathias Nelson's poems take the reader on an emotional journey where they are asked to view the world they already know just slightly askew. Nelson's honest and clear writing takes head on the reader's preconceived notions of just about everything imaginable from family and children to societal convention and the literary world. The reader learns early on that nothing is as expected, nothing predictable, and nothing sacred.


The New Arcana by John Amen and Daniel Y. Harris

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