August 22, 2012

New poetry site directory

Share Your Favorite Poetry Sites
Mega Site For Sharing Poems Adds New Poetry Site Directory

Windham, Conn. August 19, 2012 – Open Mic Voices, the internet’s foremost social network for poetry, announced the addition of a new poetry site directory page.

"Adding a poetry site directory is a major addition," announces Henry Hunter, Co-founder of "Open Mic Voices is about uniting good people, worldwide, who speak, or enjoy, one language: Poetry. A poetry site directory is right in line with our objectives. We want to offer people worldwide an opportunity to be heard, through the commonality of poetry, including, sharing
information and resources, like one's favorite poetry site, or sites where one can find poems."

Open Mic Voices is an all inclusive social network for sharing your poems and poetry. Members range from Ivy League grads and professors to high school dropouts, from published poets to novice poets, and every style and type of poetry in between. Members can write poems, read poems, and record poems, in audio and video, right on Open Mic Voices' site. Members may create groups, events, and join discussions, or debates, about poems and poetry in the forum. A great tool on Open Mic Voices is the free live video chat, which allows members to have a more meaningful and personal interaction with family, friends, or poetry groups.

Those interested in sharing their poems, or sharing their favorite poetry site links, can quickly and easily do so, by going to, signup to be a member, then, go to the Poetry Sites tab, on the top menu, and enter your poetry site information. That’s it. A good tip, is to upload a screenshot, or photo, to represent the poetry site you submit. Open Mic Voices has a Google Page Rank of 4 – So, adding your poetry site link to Open Mic Voices will benefit your poetry site’s value to search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Ranking well with search engines enhances your poetry site’s chances of increasing the number of
visitors to your poetry site.

“Open Mic Voices is only 5 months old. We feel good about our early accomplishments,” Henry proclaims. ”Our goal is to be a site where people who enjoy poetry can come and share poems, share information about venues and other sites for poetry, and share feedback. Published and non-published poets are digging in those old notebooks and posting poems and creating new Poetry. Fans of Poetry are connecting and giving their feedback. Members are sharing their favorite poetry links and venues, worldwide. Open Mic Voices is a new good. It’s an exciting time for poetry.”

About Open Mic Voice
Launched in February 2012 by brothers, Henry and James Hunter, Open Mic Voices connects poets, fans of Poetry, and venues for Poetry, world-wide. Members represent over 40 geographical country locations.


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