August 19, 2012

Carole Stone and David Messineo in Teaneck, 8/25

8 PM sharp, next Saturday, August 25, 2012
The North Jersey Literary Series
Carole Stone
David Messineo
in the Special Events Room of
Classic Quiche Café
330 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck , New Jersey
  Space and sound are unrivaled by any other venue
Hosted by Paul Nash and Denise La Neve
Come early and enjoy a relaxing meal.
The quiches are famous, and there are also other wonderful entrees,
as well as coffees, teas, & desserts. Café phone: 201- 692- 0150

Carole Stone is Professor of English and creative writing Emeritus, Montclair State University.  Her three published books of poetry are: Lime and Salt (Carriage House Press), Traveling with the Dead (The Backwaters Press, 2007), and American Rhapsody (CavanKerry Press, 2012). She also has published seven chapbooks.
US Journals in which her poems have been published include: LIPS, Exit 13, Xanadu, The Bellevue Poetry Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Nimrod International Journal, Passages North, Blue Unicorn, Chelsea, Southern Poetry Review, and Ekphrasis.  In the UK, journals include: The North, Orbis, Six Seasons Review, and Poetry Nottingham International.
Among her honors are three Fellowships from The New Jersey State Council on the Arts,
fellowships from Rothermere Institute for American Studies, Oxford University, Hawthornden International Writers Retreat (Scotland), and Chateau de Lavigny (Switzerland). She divides her time between New Jersey and East Hampton, NY.
Poet, publisher and editor David Messineo debuts his new book, The Search for the Sapphire Robe, an historical document, essentially a "snapshot" of the author's writing at the ages of 19 and 20. It is being published in a highly limited "Pearl Anniversary Lettered Edition" of only 26 printed copies, individually lettered A-Z.  The book will be available, along with copies of his previous book Formal, and Mr. Messineo will autograph and personalize copies if desired.
The 1000-line epic poem (primarily in iambic octameter) follows four protagonists searching for a sapphire robe for a king, and details their journeys, adventures and misadventures, with the scenic beauty of California as dramatic backdrop.  The poem also captures the campus camaraderie and drama at Fordham University, circa 1981-1982, and comments on friendship, romance and sexuality.  Its reading at Classic Quiche will be its second public reading in 30 years.  So come enjoy an intriguing journey to California, and enjoy his presentation with sound unrivaled at any New Jersey venue.

David Messineo is among the 20 longest-serving poetry editors and independent literary magazine publishers in America.  He is the author of nine books – seven published, two forthcoming. Learn more about him by searching his name on YouTube, or by going to

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