July 19, 2012

Rhyming-Poets] July 2012

Rhyming Poets International
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Celebrates Birthday of Francesco Petrarcha, discuss Petrarchan Sonnet and presents Dr. Keith O'Shaughnessy with charging bullfight poems and a workshop.

Keith O'Shaughnessy's first book, Incommunicado, won the Grolier Discovery Award.  He authored three chapbooks Carnaval, The Devil's Party and Snegurochka.  He published in Columbia Magazine, Measure, and Able Muse
He was a Dakin Fellow at the Sewanee Writers Conference.  He read at events, eg Fordham's Poets Out Loud and Rutgers MFA series.
He earned his AB from Columbia College and was awarded Van Rensselaer Poetry Prize. He received a MA in Creative Writing from Rutgers and MA, M. Phil. from Drew. 
He finished a thesis on Shakespeare's use of genre in Hamlet and got a PhD in 2012.  He is an Asst Professor at Camden County College in NJ.  He lives in Princeton
Free, open performance of all kinds of poetry, song, music
Telecasting to NYC and Newark, NJ.
Saturday, 28th July 2012 at 2PM
Hudson Park branch of Nypl.org
66 Leroy St, downstairs
(Christopher/Houston; 7th Ave/Hudson)
Greenwich Village, NY 10014
Path-Christopher; MTA 1,2,3 Houston St
Dr. Swapan Basu

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