July 31, 2012

9th Annual Black Madonna Festa: 9/8, 6PM

Il Comitato per il Ripristino della Festa della Madonna Nera  
cordially invites you to the 
Ninth Annual Festa in Honor of  
the Sicilian Black Madonna del Tindari
Saturday, September 8, 2012, 6PM
at the former site of her devotion
The Phoenix Bar
447 East 13th Street, off of Avenue A
Join us for a night together, to reclaim our past, revel in our creativity, engage the sacred, activate the political, and more. This festa recognizes the Sicilian community who operated a store front chapel/social club at this location from 1913 to 1987 in devotion to the black Madonna del Tindari. In 1998, the space was converted into the Phoenix Bar. Over the years, the various owners of the Phoenix Bar, the bartenders, and patrons have graciously opened their space each year for this event. 
The space and the event are ours to create. Come and make it happen!
In addition, we will be discussing plans for organizing next year's procession/parade for the 10th Annual Festa.

T-shirts based on a flyer from the original social club/chapel will be available for $25 apiece.
To learn more about the historic community and contemporary festa:

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