May 5, 2012

Sensations Magazine seeking financial donations for PHANfest 3, annual NJ food pantry fundraiser

The third annual "Poets Helping America's Needy" Festival (PHANfest 3), sponsored by Sensations Magazine, is now set.  Goal for 2012 is to raise $1,500 or more - a minimum of $75 for each of 20 food pantries in 15 New Jersey counties. 

Please go to and click the "PHANfest" button (center of first line of text buttons on main page), and read and follow all instructions.

Please forward this email to any poets, or others in New Jersey, who you believe might welcome the opportunity to donate $10 or more to one or more of our 2012 beneficiaries.  Unless otherwise noted in the master list, payments (made directly to the beneficiaries) should be fully tax deductible.

If anyone has any questions, please use the "Contact" button on the website for inquiries.

As with every summer - after the Thanksgiving and Christmas surges, after Shop-Rite does its Partners in Caring, after the "fill the bus" campaigns and local high school fall and spring campaigns are all over - food pantries enter a "dire need" period.  PHANfest was designed to provide them help around July 4, when they would best benefit from our generosity.

Thank you for considering this request, and forward it on to other caring individuals.  I hope to hear from them, and you, soon.


David Messineo
Publisher/Poetry Editor, Sensations Magazine
Founder, PHANfest

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