April 17, 2012

Upcoming New York readings

Dear friends and comrades,
I'll be in New York for two readings next week with my new book of fiction, 
WATCH THE DOORS AS THEY CLOSE (Spuyten Duyvil Novella Series, 2012). 
I hope you can join me for at least one of these events! I'm really excited about all 
my co-readers, and recommend both evenings highly.
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Guerilla Lit Reading Series
BAR on A at 7:30 PM
170 Avenue A @ 11th Street
Mike DeCapite (Creamsicle Blue)
Karen Lillis (Watch the Doors as They Close)
The Dirty Poet (Emergency Room Wrestling)
Friday, April 27, 2012
Watch the Closing Doors: A Spuyten Duyvil Fiction Reading
Zinc Bar, 82 W. 3rd St (Thompson/Suillivan)           
6:30-8:00 p.m.
No cover; two drink minimum can include booze or coffee/tea/soda
Stephanie Dickinson (Lust Series)
Karen Lillis (Watch the Doors as They Close)
Nava Renek (Mating in Captivity)
What readers are saying about WATCH THE DOORS AS THEY CLOSE:

A "gem of a novella....Watch the Doors as They Close is a soul-searching exploration of an all-consuming love affair that has recently ended....It's this introspective inquiry that makes the choice of the diary form so compelling."
                 ~~Roman Gladstone, Chamber Four
"What I love most about Karen Lillis' writing is it makes me want to be a writer. We need more writers excited about the world than people who neuter it."  
             ~~Scott McClanahan, author of Stories and Hill William
"Similar to Marguerite Duras' penetrating character studies, this novella feels both strange and brutally candid."
                     ~~Jesus Angel Garcia, author of Bad Bad Bad
"Few narratives of such concision are so expansive, so arresting, so enduring as Watch the Doors as They Close… echoes of Marguerite Duras' bare lyricism and Anaïs Nin's unsparing analytics."
                    ~~Derek Pollard, author of Inconsequentia
"Aren't you tired of 'literary fiction'? When a writer assumes she knows you already, that you two are just alike, the same kind of clever, the same kind of ironic, but in her case maybe a little more so? This book cuts right through all that. It's naked. Naked as a knife."
               ~~Mike DeCapite, author of Creamsicle Blue
"This brave new work tracks a thoroughly modern relationship, told as reflective, moody missives to the reader in the days after the doors have closed on love. The intimate feel of the read explodes and exploits the failure of the central relationship. Lillis is a master of the hauntingly-focused close-up."                  
                ~~Connor Sites-Bowen
"Lillis captures the spell of infatuation – the clinical trance – so completely that this experience is really what the book consists of, to the exclusion of everything."
                     ~~Kari Larsen, Anobium

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