April 23, 2012

suzanne rae deshchidn, readings in May

may 10, 7pm, in brooklyn, at cave canem
20 jay street, suite 310A, brooklyn, ny 11201
this is a reading with my poetry thesis class which just concluded.

may 12, 4-7pm, in lawrenceville, nj, at 2683 main street, lawrenceville, nj, 08648
i will be reading one or two of my poems which will have been rendered in art 
(either: all she is, is tremor or six armed woman). 

hope to see you!
suzanne rae deshchidn, poetrix      www.srdediting.com
i’ve learned that the end is nothing more than the start of something new. --kelly gutierrez
"Often we take our partner for granted when we should be seeing them as a principle object of our compassion. The Tibetan word for compassion is nyingje, which can be more directly translated as 'noble heart.' This is a helpful term when thinking about bringing compassion into our most intimate relationships: we need to fully offer those closest to us our noble heart."--Lodro Rinzler

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