April 1, 2012

Sagra del Libro - Italian American Writers Association Book Festival, Friday, April 13, 2012 @ Fordham, Lincoln Center

Friday, April 13, 6:00-9:00 pm

The Italian American Writers Association (IAWA) 
in collaboration with 
Dr. Giuseppe Perricone
Fordham University
Department of Modern Language and Literatures
SAGRA DEL LIBRO [full release below]

The Italian American Book Festival
Fordham University 
Lincoln Center Campus
Mezzanine Floor – South Lounge
113 West 60th Street (corner of Columbus Avenue)
New York, New York
Refreshments, Entertainment.
The three rules of IAWA: Read One Another. Write or be written. Buy our books.

To display books, become a member through PayPal at www.iawa.net
For more information, contact Gil Fagiani, fagianella@aol.com

Contact: fagianella@aol.com


    New York - The Italian American Writers Association (IAWA), in collaboration with Dr. Giuseppe Perricone of the Modern Language and Literatures Department of Fordham University, are launching a "Sagra Del Libro" (Book Festival) on Friday, April 13, 2012 from 6 to 9 pm in the South Lounge of Fordham University's Lincoln Center Campus, 113 West 60th Street (corner of Columbus Avenue) on the Mezzanine Floor. Admission is free to all. In past years on a Sunday in May most bookstores remained open in Italy to support and promote its writers. This initiative was called "Celebrazione dei Libri" (Book Celebration). Sagra Del Libro continues the spirit of this movement.

    All IAWA members are invited to showcase their published books which can be ordered but not sold at this event. There is no charge for individual authors but they must be members of IAWA. Non members wishing to participate must join IAWA first. Tables will be set up for the display of books and promotional materials, and authors will be available to speak with attendees and sign books. This will make for a fascinating evening of celebrating our Italian American writers.
Light refreshments will be served and Italian music will be played.
    IAWA authors wishing to participate in this event should contact Gil Fagiani immediately at fagianella@aol.com. Authors who are not yet members and who wish to join IAWA, please take this opportunity to join. Membership categories are: Student ($20), Senior ($20), Regular ($30), Associate ($100-249), Patron ($250- 499), Founder ($500-1,000) and Benefactor ($1,000+). Payments and donations can be made through Paypal at www.iawa.net. We look forward to your participation.
    IAWA was founded in 1991 to promote Italian American literature by encouraging the writing, reading, publication, distribution, translation, and study of Italian American writing and to give Italian American writers a public forum where the full range of Italian American expression could find a hearing. IAWA has nurtured the growth of a genuine community of Italian-American readers and writers. The three rules of IAWA, which express the organization's practical philosophy are: Read One Another. Write or be written. Buy our books. In 2009, IAWA's 20th year, the Italian Academy Foundation honored IAWA founder Prof. Robert Viscusi and the Italian American Writers Association in Carnegie Hall's Rangel Hall with the prestigious BRAVO Award for excellence in promoting Italian and Italian-American Culture. Prof. Viscusi is Broeklundian Professor and Executive Officer of the Wolfe Institute for the Humanities at Brooklyn College.
    IAWA maintains the website www.iawa.net and also publishes the monthly Italian American Writers Association Newsletter to keep the literary community informed about events concerned with Italian American writing. Readings, performances, lectures, stagings, seminars, and announcements of interest to the IAWA community are listed. In addition, IAWA's events are listed on many listservs. IAWA members include writers, editors, publishers, agents, translators, teachers, scholars, poets, novelists, historians, journalists, social scientists, readers of every description and all others interested in the progress of Italian American writing. Past events have included multilingual readings (Italian/Dialect/English), the Ethnic Encounters series, Italian-American Book Fairs, Italian American poets and writers, literary workshops, performances, lectures and seminars, new book presentations, publications and a wide variety of readings.
The immensely successful open mike reading series, co-hosted by Gil Fagiani and Maria Lisella, at the Cornelia Street Café, 29 Cornelia Street, on the second Saturday of every month, has increased in popularity over the last twenty years. Two new readers are featured guests each month and the rest of the evening is open to all comers.
    The Sagra Book Festival Committee, chaired by Emelise Aleandri, comprises IAWA Board members: Robert Agnoli, Jessica Femiani and Gil Fagiani. IAWA Board members also include: Marisa Frasca, Peter Patinella, James Periconi, Amy Barone, Maria Lisella, Nick Matros, Lisa Paolucci and Michael Cirelli. For further information or any questions about IAWA or future events, contact Dr. Robert Viscusi, President, at 718-951-5847 or at rviscusi@brooklyn.cuny.edu.

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