April 8, 2012

Rattle Spring Newsletter / Calls for Submissions

There's so much new at Rattle right now that I don't know where to start.  New web design, new cover design, and the new supplemental spring e-issue, which just hit the net today.  If you haven't been to www.rattle.com recently, stop by to see the new look.  It's clean; it's classy; it's simple like we are; and it loads really fast.  Same content, just better-organized.  You can also now sign up to receive our daily poem right in your inbox. 

Anyway, this is that email I send twice a year to let you know about the free e-issue and to spread the word about upcoming themes.  So here goes...

Rattle e.12 is as crammed to the brim as ever; don't miss it, a must read, etc., etc.  In it, we announce this year's Neil Postman Award for Metaphor winner, and also the 2011 Rattle Poetry Prize winner for those who missed it (it was Hayden Saunier, pulling in 14.4% of the vote for "The One and the Other").  I also wrote a little piece breaking down the results of our experiment in poetic democracy, letting the subscribers vote for the winner.  There was a wonderful amount of feedback included along with all of those ballots, and we're going to be using it to make Rattle even better.  And if you plan on entering the Rattle Poetry Prize again this summer, there's a tip included about what kind of poems to submit if you want to win. 

Also in the issue, Jeff Vande Zande shares a story about his night spent alone at the "haunted"  childhood home of Theodore Roethke – the perfect place to finish his Roethke-related novel…or not. National Poetry Month inspires Bruce Whiteman to ponder what this thing called poetry really is; and Art Beck explores the art of imitation rather than translation. For the book feature, I interview Mather Schneider about his new book He Took a Cab and his life as both a poet and taxi driver.  We also include a handful of poems from his engaging and gritty book.

The spring e-issue is a 38-page PDF, available for free download on our website, or directly at this link:
www.rattle.com/eissues/eIssue12.pdf (2 MB)  If that doesn't work, just go to www.rattle.com and click on "e-issues."

But that's not the only reason I'm writing now.  I also wanted to announce a big change to the Rattle Poetry Prize competition, which has just opened up for 2012.  In addition to a $5,000 first prize and ten $100 finalists judged by the editors, we're including a $1,000 Reader's Choice Award.   Letting the subscribers vote was fun last year, and we wanted to keep it up, but we didn't like the long wait – this should be the best of both worlds.   For more information, go to www.rattle.com/poetry/prize/  Enter by May 15th and your included subscription will start with the summer issue, and you won't miss anything.

Finally, this is always a useful time in our production cycle to announce upcoming calls for submissions, and let you know what we'll be looking for in the coming year.  At the moment we only have one more theme decided on – now through August 1st we'll be reading for a tribute to SF poetry.  SF poetry would be the verse equivalent of Speculative Fiction, so any subjects that fall into that category are fair game: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Alternate History, etc.  Any poems that are set in a world that is not exactly the real world is an SF poem, as far as we're concerned.  If you have any, send them in and let us read!

Please don't forget that less than half of the poetry in each issue is focused on the theme—the rest is open to any style, subject, or poet. We always enjoy reading submissions, and accept them by email and hardcopy, year-round, so never hesitate to send us work.  Moreover, all submissions to Rattle are automatically considered for the annual Neil Postman Award for Metaphor, which we've increased to $500.  Visit www.rattle.com/poetry/submissions/ for guidelines.

That's all for now.  We hope you enjoy this little electronic bonus, and thank you, always, for your support.

Best wishes,
Timothy Green
12411 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

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