March 12, 2012

Reading Your Writing for an Audience

The Writers Circle 
Speaker Series

Reading Your Writing for an Audience

with Sandra McLaughlin
& Leonie Higgins

April 1
2:00-4:00 PM
at Luna Stage
West Orange, NJ

Your words may sing on the page - but sometimes even the best of writers fall flat when reading their own work before an audience. If you mumble, stumble, sway or flail about, read in a monotone or can't raise your eyes from the page for fear of fainting, this workshop will help you improve your public presentation and give you the confidence to read your writing with pride. Broadway actress/director Sandra McLaughlin and actress/musical theatre director Leonie Higgins of Center Stage Dance and Theatre School, will teach participants how to give their written words the respect, emphasis and flair they deserve not only on the page, but when read out loud.


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