March 23, 2012

PRE-LAUNCH OF Inside Out, Upside Down, and Round and Round

Pre-Launch Readings
from George Wallace & John J. Trause
Inside Out  & Orient Express
Plus Special reading from
 Yuyutsu Sharma from his New Book,
Milarepa's Bones, Helambu
March 28, 2012, Wednesday,
At JujoMukti Tea Lounge, 6:30 pm
Pre-launch of
 John J. Trause's
Inside Out, Upside Down, & Round and Round: Poems Selected & New
ISBN-81-8250-049-4 2012 Paper
( Nirala, 2012, New Delhi) 
Dizzy from diving into John J. Trause's new collection of surprising poems, I urge you to enter!
Let the title swirl and turn you into his wild array of inventions.  Witty, ribald, arch, they tease and entice. They are smart poems. With eclectic topics, he applies a scholar's encompassing mind and an artistic eye for colorful detail. Trause is not only a prosodic humorist, he is as ever a proficient scholar, and these poems prove his rigorous power. Note his classical and Biblical knowledge, the many languages at his command, and the contemporary scenes he pulls into focus—even on a mocking tour of north NJ towns! These poems take a reader traveling through many lands of rhyme and reason; hurry to see what Trause finds "Outside the Zoo" in the poem of that title, enjoy his complex vocabulary, laugh with his riffs.  Don't let the abstruse words retain you from the lively banter.  Run and climb. I tried to swim through, but found myself riding the waves. These poems will entertain you, make you study, make you gasp. You may turn round and read again, they will make you a little wiser than before John J. Trause took hold.
-Madeline Tiger, author of From the Viewing Stand
and George Wallace's
Incident on the Orient Express
ISBN-81-8250-044-3 2012 Paper
( Nirala, 2012, New Delhi).
"An exciting and youthful journey of poems and adventures, we follow with enthusiasm, this young man's journey to India. To travel to India is to search for yourself. For it is ever true that the journey leads to where you have always been"
-Donavan Leitch
Yuyutsu Sharma shall make a special appearance
 with reading from his new book, Milarepa's Bones, Helambu ; 33 New Poems

Formed by 20th century South Asian and North American poetry movements and himself a verbal renewer of his country's literature, Yuyutsu indefatigably writes along rivers and paths, mountains, valleys and villages, verse after verse…
Dr. Christoph Emmrich ,
South and Southeast Asian Buddhism at the University of Toronto.
Directions: Subways F, M (2nd Ave & Houston);
6 (Astor Place; 8th St and 4th Ave.);
Bus 14A from Union Square
(3rd St stop and Ave. A).

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