March 16, 2012

NYQ Reading Series + 3 New Books

NYQ Monthly Reading Series at Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC -- THIS COMING MONDAY

March 19, 2012, 6 pm at the Cornelia Street Cafe - Laurel Blossom, Neil Cain, and Eric Weinstein will read. $7 gets you your first drink.

NYQ Books — New Releases

Repeat the Flesh in Numbers by Kris Bigalk -- ON SALE NOW

Daring, contemplative, witty, and moving, the poems in Kris Bigalk's debut collection Repeat the Flesh in Numbers unflinchingly examine human frailty from multiple perspectives, and ultimately arrive at a place of generosity, regeneration, and grace. The musical precision and vivid images invite us in to poetry that surprises, inspires, and haunts, reminding us that what we do to ourselves, and to each other—and what we do for ourselves, and for each other, is ultimately what defines us.

Language Matters: Selected Poems by Tony Quagliano -- ON SALE NOW

Tony Quagliano's contributions to Hawai'i and to the world of poetry were many and wide ranging. His was a singular voice in poetry. He reveled in the possibilities of language, the sounds of words, and the potential for philosophical complexities. He was feisty, humorous, joyfully exuberant and had an inviolable sense of justice. This long awaited collection of his work exemplifies that existence and shows us all that Language Matters.

LIVING WITH YOU by Barbara Blatner -- On Sale March 29, 2012

Written in the first years of the poet's marriage, inspired by a magical yard at their first apartment, the poems in LIVING WITH YOU explore mysteries of beauty and decay, love and sex, ecstasy and temporality. In its use of silence and space, LIVING WITH YOU recalls the work of George Oppen, Robert Duncan, and poets of similar sensibility. Abstract in texture, specific in their music, these images probe the world we see and touch and the world we do not see but sense deeply.

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