October 1, 2010

Prose Pros - Fall Series, NYC

Hi Everyone,

Do come if you can. It’s a nice place and a friendly gathering for the readings (and Phillip Lopate and I are kicking off the season on October 7th—see below).


¥ P R O S E P R O S ¥

Fall 2010

Thursdays, 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. [starts & ends on time!]

At the Sidewalk Café

94 Avenue A at 6th Street, NYC 10009


F to Second Avenue (exit at First Avenue)

WHAT: Prose Pros presents prose readings – stories, essays, critique, and in-between forms by master writers. The programs pair two prose practitioners linked by agreement or opposition, by topic similarities or discordances. Meet writers new to you. See writers you know.

WHERE: The comfortable back room of the Lower East Side’s Sidewalk Café (home of anti-folk music). All readings are on Thursdays at 6:30 (sharp), usually the first Thursday of the month. Food and drink are available; we ask for contributions to pay the readers.


Thursday, October 7 – 6:30 p.m.
Phillip Lopate and Burt Kimmelman

Thursday, November 18 – 6:30 p.m.
Andrei Codrescu and CA Conrad

Thursday, December 2 – 6:30 p.m.
Eileen Myles and Basil King


Lopate and Kimmelman

On October 7, two writers born in Brooklyn just four years apart focus on the city they both love. Phillip Lopate, known for his delicious skewering of the chattering classes, for celebrations of the city then and now, and for powerful critiques of the wallowing-in-my-addiction memoir, has most recently published Notes on Sontag, and, in 2008, Two Marriages, a pair of novellas.

Burt Kimmelman will read from a memoir that reanimates the Park Slope neighborhood of Fifth Avenue when he was a teen, when this now gentrified neighborhood of restaurants and boutiques resembled Hubert Selby’s Red Hook. Kimmelman’s most recent book is a collection of poems, As If Free.

Codrescu and Conrad

On November 18, two masters of reality blown apart – into Dada, surrealism, hypertext and beyond – will display their takes on how poetry is written. Andrei Codrescu’s latest book, The Poetry Lesson, isn’t a poem, isn’t a novel, isn’t a memoir, he says. It’s pure unhinged European sensibility of the same order that has been lighting up NPR radio, publishing Exquisite Corpse, and producing some 30 books of essays, poems and fiction since the 1960s.

CA Conrad’s muse is home-grown in Philadelphia – or possibly in witchdom. He grew up in Amish country and “if I hadn’t run away I’d have gone to work in the local casket factory.” Like (and unlike) Codrescu, he has some unusual ideas about how and what starts a poetry engine running. His The Book of Frank was published last year.

Myles and King

On December 2, former Presidential candidate Eileen Myles will let us into her Inferno – her latest book and an apt followup to her astonishing collection of essays, The Importance of Being Iceland. Instigator of films, performances, and projects, and creator of a dozen other books of poetry, prose, and the unclassifiable, Myles, who was born in Boston, loves to twist readers into unexpected recognitions.

Basil King’s writing is like lightning in summer, George Quasha writes: “It gives and takes in a single flash leaving only the essential.” King continues to work on Learning to Draw / A History, portions of which have appeared online and in chapbooks, prompting his friend Amiri Baraka to ask “So when will I?” Most recently King’s Green Man series of paintings were shown at Poets House.

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