October 1, 2010

October Issue of Gently Read Literature

Gently Read Literature
October 2010 Issue 31
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Reviews of Contemporary Poetry and Literary Fiction
Radical Vernacular: Kristina Marie Darling on Lorine Niedecker and the Poetics of Place, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Ew
Noirmonger: Dylan Neal on The Blue Man Dreams the End of Time by Michael McIrvin, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Ey
Children of the World War: Marc Sheehan on Christine Gelineau's Appetite for the Divine; John Guzlowski's Lightning and Ashes and Christine Rhein's Wild Flight, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Eu
A Human Lyric: James Chilar on Julie Enszer's Handmade Love, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Eo
Anything Else Would Be Too Ordinary: John Findura on Ray Gonzalez's Cool Auditor, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Ek
Re-Naming Experience: Danielle Sellers on Five Kingdoms by Kelle Groom, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Em
Savannah Schroll Guz: The Admonitory Nature of Janet Frame's Prizes, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Ei
Creativity in The Other Genre: Jen Knox on Dinty W. Moore's Between Panic and Desire, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Eq
A Voice to Be Reckoned With: Philip Belcher on Sandra Beasley's I Was the Jukebox, http://wp.me/pcuKI-DI
Only Connect: Angela Lam on Tara Masih's Where the Dog Star Never Glows, http://wp.me/pcuKI-Es
 October's Featured Artist: John Aquilino, http://johnaquilino.com/
***Attention Contributors, Presses, & Authors: New Mailing Address ***
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