October 8, 2010

Dodge Festival - Parking In Newark Ain't Free

DODGE FESTIVAL - This sign tells the truth. However, on Friday they don't know nothing about the prepaid Multi Day Parking Voucher for unlimited access at Lots B, C or Military Park Garage Space Permitting. Anybody know WHERE lots B and C are? Not on a map, and besides the police blocked off access to Military Park Garage in order to unload buses. So, to ONE NEWARK CENTER PARKING GARAGE went an additional $15.

Don't park here if you have a prepaid ticket

System set up for reentry doesn't work

For loyal four-day ticket buyers, a special deal on parking.
We actually had no problem parking at the Military Park Parking garage on Thursday, and when we turned in our voucher they gave us the re-entry pass. Nobody knew we wouldn't have access to that lot on Friday, or that the lot designated for parking on the map, although offering NJPAC parking specials, does not accept the re-entry available from the poetry festival or NJPAC - whoever worked out the parking deal, not-deal.

How sweet to remember the good old days of free parking at Waterloo Village.

-- your humble blog editor.

Dodge Poetry Festival launches in Newark
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