October 7, 2010

Are You Ready For Dodge Poetry Festival?

"Welcome to the 13th biennial Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival! The Festival kicks off this evening with the Poetry Sampler at 7:30 in Prudential Hall at NJPAC. The event features back to back readings by two dozen poets. If you can't make it tonight, we are live streaming it on our website (www.grdodge.org) and so is NJN (http://www.njn.net/arts/dodgepoetryfestival/)" -- Dodge Facebook post.
Perhaps you noticed a few articles about this event in the Record, The Star-Ledger, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other places.

You should know by now that this biennial event was nearly canceled and has risen from the ashes in a new venue with a whole new atmosphere ...away from the woods and rolling hills, and in the middle of an energetic city that screams of hundreds of years of history and that has risen from the ashes.

So, this year, we'll be reading street signs and traffic lights to wander from venue to venue, that, instead of wandering through the underbrush in search of rhyme in a tent or a port-o-potty behind the bushes.

Remember, NJ Poets, we are the hosts for thousands who have come from out of state, we are what they will remember of their visit to New Jersey. This is our time to sparkle and welcome other poets and poetry lovers to our special event. Be nice and enjoy the adventure. Heck, you'll probably even get a few poems out of your visit.  

 Around Newark

You can take public transportation to Penn Station in Newark, from there you can take the NJ Transit Light Rail to downtown, (not to Bloomfield) and get off at the NJ PAC, or ride it to Broad St. and take a little walk back to the PAC. You must prepay your LIGHT RAIL tickets before boarding.

-- Anthony Buccino, Your humble blogger
(and minor poet)

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Dodge Poetry Festival launches in Newark