September 18, 2010


Sensations Magazine will close its doors in 2013, after a remarkable 25-year run of public service in New Jersey, publishing new issues every year of those 25 without any government grant funding nor university affiliation - one of America's last truly independent litmag publishing ventures with this long and continuous a track record.
Its Spring 2011 "American Presidents" Poetry Contest will be the final opportunity for newcomers to submit poetry to the publication.  After that, submissions to Issues 49 and 50 will be limited to past subscribers, and to those who take part in this contest, or take a subscription before June 30, 2011.
Up to 8 poems may be submitted, for a total cost of $20, which includes two published Sensations Magazine items - the "American Presidents" Supplement being one of those.
Poetry contest details are up at, "Submit Poems" button, or may be picked up at any of the stops on his 2010 Formal Tour, taking place throughout NY and NJ from Sept 24 to Nov 20 (, "Upcoming Events" button).  The postmark deadline for contest submissions is Monday, November 29, 2010.
During this 25 year run, Messineo has created over 700 public reading opportunities for poets here in New Jersey, mostly free to attend, and in all 21 counties; many of the NJ poets first published by him have gone on to run their own poetry series and have their publish poetry books, both by themselves and by respected presses.  Mr. Messineo has been a major influence in the New Jersey poetry scene - and also has raised over $7,000 in funds for other causes, such as the $1,200 recently parlayed in full to buy food for needy food pantries in six New Jersey counties.
One of David's final goals is to sell out the remaining copies of his book Formal ($20 per copy for the 120-page hardcover), and use the proceeds to enable his organizations to break even financially without government grant funding.  He's close - and would welcome your help.
Go see him on this tour - and thank him for his 25 years of unsalaried service to the New Jersey poetry community.