September 9, 2010

Collingswood Book Festival - Poets section - Oct. 2

The 8th Annual Collingswood Book Festival
10 a.m. to 4  p.m., Saturday, October 2, 2010

Every autumn, the thrill of reading blooms when booklovers converge in the historic town of Collingswood, NJ. This award-winning, all-volunteer book festival is a big literary event with a small-town, friendly ambiance. A week of activities will culminate on Saturday.


Poetry of the People, for the People, and by the People

Follow the Yellow Bubble Road to six hours of living creativity that touch our daily chaos:

How to write poetry for Children's Books
... everyone talks about trying it, some pros share their endeavors and tell you some of their secrets.

How to Publish Your Poetry

The Great Newspaper Poets

Guerrilla Poetry
...covering up the grafitti and dead buildings with poetry.

Sports Poetry

The Wall of Haiku
... come get involved, write your own poetry from the street.

And More!

Come join us...listen, laugh, learn, and enjoy!

Music and graphic shows will be part of the proceedings, so this year the Poetry Tent will be at the Pop Shop's newly opened Party Room on Washington Avenue, just 40 feet from Haddon Avenue, right near where the Poetry Tent is usually set up.

One thing is for sure
No one will bore



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