August 31, 2010

Tuesday Telecasts & Rhyming Poets International Sept 2010 NY Event

Remember to watch Rhyming Poets International Telecasts
every Tuesday at 5:30 PM from
Brooklyn: Cablevision Ch 67, Time Warner Ch 34
Manhattan: RCN Ch 82 and in all
5 boroughs of NYC by Verizon Ch 42.
Or at 9:30 PM by Cablevision Ch 19 from Newark, NJ
Close any error message, if any, and play again
Rhyming Poets International in NYC
Free, open performance of all kinds of poetry, songs and music.
Get videotaped and telecasted from NJ and 5 boroughs of NYC
Saturday, 25th September 2010 at 2 PM
Hudson Park Branch of
66 Leroy St. /St. Lukes Place.
Hudson +7th Ave So.
Christopher + Houston
New York, NY 10014