August 5, 2010

Preorder: REUNION by Bob Rosenbloom

It's not every day one of your favorite local poets has a new book coming out, and when they let you in on the pre-publication savings, you'd have to be crazy not to place your order. So, fellow NJ Poets, I pass along this note from our colleague, and encourage you to place your order today for

From Bob Rosenbloom:

My chapbook "Reunion", poems about family, comes out in October. The publisher, Finishing Line Press, requests pre-publication or pre-order purchases through its website and paypal, if you are in a position to buy. If you are not signed up with paypal, you may use a credit card or send a check.

The quote below belongs to Adele Kenny. Those are my two older brothers in the photo. Even though we grew up in Brooklyn, my mother must have thought it'd be a good idea to bundle me up as if we were in Antarctica.

Thank you. Bob Rosenbloom


Finishing Line Press is pleased to announce that Bob Rosenbloom’s first chapbook, REUNION, is now available for pre-publication orders.

Simply click on the link below, scroll down to Rosenbloom (authors are listed alphabetically), and place your orders using a credit card, by sending a check or money order, or via PayPal.

Click Here:

$12, paper
Preorder Purchase
Ships Oct. 22, 2010

"The poems in Reunion have a particular sympathy for childhood, family, and faith as they wrestle with the foolishness and grace of human existence. Powered by intimacy, humor, and astonishing familiarity, these poems understand loss, change, and human frailty with generosity and celebratory sadness. They understand what we can and cannot keep. Bob Rosenbloom's unique voice and use of language never seek to escape reality through a subtly piercing confrontation that finds a reason to exalt."

Your pre-publication order will determine the size of this book's press run, so please consider ordering at your earliest convenience!