August 5, 2010

Preorder: Redrawing Borders by Basil Rouskas

It's not every day one of your favorite local poets has a new book coming out, and when they let you in on the pre-publication savings, you'd have to be crazy not to place your order. So, fellow NJ Poets, I pass along this note from our colleague, and encourage you to place your order today for Redrawing Borders.

 My first poetry book / Redrawing Borders

Hello friends,
Friday, August 13, 2010, is the last day you may purchase Redrawing Borders as a prepublication order.  If you do this, your purchase counts toward my book pressrun which is determined according to how many books are sold during the prepublication period.

Thanks so much to all of you who have given me encouragement in this process, purchased the book, and tolerated these (regrettably sometimes duplicate) email solicitations.  I appreciate all of your generosity and grace, especially at this nascent time of my "literary career."  I hope you enjoy the poems.

To purchase:
Scroll down to find my name / book (descending alpha by author's name) and
Click on Buy Now (you get the various payment options Credit Cards, PayPal or check


BASIL ROUSKAS has worked in corporate and not-for-profit organizational settings in roles of corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant and leadership coach. He has also taught at leading universities on subjects such as leadership development, personal strengths assessment and team effectiveness. He is an avid student of how human beings create dreams and make changes in their lives, personal or work-related. He and his wife Tamara live surrounded by mature trees in the heart of Central New Jersey.