August 10, 2010

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Around the Town: Poetry reading at Uptown Billiards
Arizona Daily Sun
Uptown Billiards will host a poetry reading Wednesday at 6 pm Elizabeth J. Colen will read from her award-winning new book, "Money for Sunsets. ...
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Look to Poetry and Art for The Real News About Our Culture
Student Operated Press
Some poets, quite a few, disguise mediocre poetry in marvelous delivery, anecdotes and other beguilements of performance. I have a hunch that much that is ...
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Student Operated Press
New Orleans Lit Fest Accepts Entries for Poetry Conest, DEADLINE 8/15
Broadway World
The 25th Annual Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival (March 23-27, 2011) is accepting entries for a poetry contest. ...
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A medley of song, dance, poetry and art
By Tonight Reporter This year's Artscape Schools Arts Festival runs at the Artscape Theatre from today until Friday, August 27. ...
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Of poetry and tigers
She is at present working on a prose-and-poetry book on migration and immigration and collaborating with the composer Michael Zev Gordon on a choral work, ...
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Ballads for barflies: Ute Lemper sings Bukowski at Joe's Pub
Capital New York
And I sat down and put together a journey through 24 poems from three poetry books and set this into music and I just called it 'The Bukowski Project' and ...
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Capital New York
Klatt wins Iowa Poetry Prize
Calvin News
Lew Klatt thought that completing his latest poetry collection was the start of a long process: "Sending the book out, receiving several rejections, ...
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Calvin News
Natalie Merchant's Audacious Tour
The Atlantic (blog)
Setting songs to established poetry might suggest somnolent, reverential treatments, a musical version of Ambien. But what Merchant provided on stage was a ...
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The Atlantic (blog)
Poetry is a beautiful way to express human feelings: Shehla Raza
Regional Times
By Staff Reporter KARACHI: Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly, Ms. Shehla Raza said art and poetry are two beautiful means to express human feelings. ...
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Art Bar Poetry Series
blogTO (blog)
The Art Bar Poetry Series is recognized as the longest running poetry-only reading series in Canada. Born in Ottawa, Canada's glorious capital city, ...
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the culture vulture » A tiny bit of poetry
By adrian
Ask around and I bet you'll find someone who can name the poet laureate pretty fast but finding someone who recently attended a reading or bought a book of poetry might be more of a challenge. Like good plumbing, it's something we think ...
the culture vulture -
Columbia University Press » Blog Archive » Are E-books Good for ...
By Columbia University Press
Somewhere between the mangled lines of e-reader poetry, I would argue, lies a demonstration of how digital reading is moving ahead to places where verse has already been, and of how poetry scholarship could profitably contribute to ...
Columbia University Press -
Poetry Northwest » Jason Whitmarsh: Three Histories
By aaron
Over the last two years, I've written more than twenty histories, including ones about the blanket (invented by my grandfather), the envelope,
Poetry Northwest -
Asia Writes: Submitting to Brickroad Poetry Press
By Mods
We want to publish poets who are engaged in the writing community, including participating in poetry readings, workshops, and writers groups. The poets we are looking for are those who are avid readers (and purchasers) of contemporary ...
Asia Writes -
NC Teachers Can Register For Poetry Out Loud - Wake County -
The National Endowment for the Arts, the Poetry Foundation and the state arts council sponsor the program, which encourages young people to both learn about poetry and master public-speaking skills. ...
Wake County News - -

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St. Paul team takes back-to-back Poetry Slam title |
The Soap Boxing slam-poetry team of St. Paul made history Saturday night. It retained its National Poetry Slam championship title, joining an elite circle ...