April 14, 2010

Marsh Hawk Press contest

Marsh Hawk Press

Reminder: 2010 Contest Closing April 30th

If you're planning to enter this year's contest but haven't sent us your submission yet, there are now two ways to go:

1. Submit by mail: We'll accept submissions postmarked April 30th or before. We'll continue to process contest entries during the first week in May. After that, they'll be distributed to our editors and to our Contest Judge, Anne Waldman.

2. Submit electronically: The deadline is the same as the deadline for mail submissions, except that you may upload at the last minute. NB: If you've had trouble uploading your manuscript it may be because either you've tried to submit a file type that we can't read, or, after paying the entry fee on the PayPal web site, you've clicked the Back arrow on your browser instead of RETURN TO MARSH HAWK PRESS (or similar language) on the PayPal page. In any case, if you have trouble please let us know. If you've paid your entrance fee you may upload your file as an attachment to this address after we diagnose the problem.
If you'd like to review the way we judge our contests you can read the step-by-step outline on our web site.

We'll be announcing the names of contest finalists and the contest winner in June. As soon as we know we'll let you know.

Sandy McIntosh, Marsh Hawk Press