April 16, 2010

Inconsequentia, a new poetry collection

BlazeVOX Books
95 pages
ISBN: 9781935402411

About Inconsequentia:

The horizon of these poems is a lifeline, truly. Here I find rescue everywhere and every way I turn. Henderson and Pollard have fronted catastrophe with loving eyes. Small wonder, then, that they find miracles.
- Donald Revell

In this sequence, the collaboration between word and reader, writer and responder, life and death, Derek and Derek, is an invitation, a dance card in which the dancer and the danced become not a duet but a crowd of possibility—"the shining market of us."
- Eleni Sikelianos

Across a speeding surface, horizons and stutters, typewriters and streetlamps, phrases and fragments couple and uncouple, creating a train of language impossibly shaped as an expanding web of returns and responses, and the coupling goes on, gets faster and faster; little lights begin to blink; those are in your head, and it’s the text that’s doing it­, that and the dead, who also come back again and again. The Dereks manage to capture all this while keeping it hurtling forward. Vertiginous­—and very moving.
- Cole Swensen

About the authors, Derek Henderson and Derek Pollard:

Derek Henderson lives with his wife and kids in Salt Lake City, where he teaches writing and literature at the University of Utah. His poems have been widely published in such journals as Fence, Black Warrior Review, Colorado Review, Bombay Gin, Puerto del Sol, and elsewhere.

Derek Pollard is co–founder with Derek Henderson of Blue Night Press and is currently Managing Editor of Barrow Street Press. His poems, creative non–fiction, and reviews have appeared in American Book Review, Colorado Review, Diagram III, Pleiades, Six–Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak, and Zoland Poetry, among other anthologies and journals. He is on faculty at Monmouth Academy in Howell, New Jersey, and at the Downtown Writer’s Center in Syracuse, New York.

Inconsequentia is available online at Amazon.com.