April 1, 2010

Breathing Out - by Bruce W. Niedt, a new book

Cherry Hill native Bruce W. Niedt's fourth chapbook, Breathing Out, has been released by Finishing Line Press:

"In these rich and delicately-crafted poems, Bruce Niedt celebrates love, life and even death with a sensuous joy in the distinctiveness of objects and the individuation of personal histories. From persona poems to sonnets, Niedt's deft touch is that of a poet coming into the height of his powers."
- Anna Evans, Editor-in-chief, The Raintown Review

"A poem in Breathing Out describes a visit to 328 Mickle Boulevard, Walt Whitman's Jersey home. But it seems that the spirit of Good Walt visited Bruce Niedt's house, or studio, or office, or wherever it was he wrote these terse and sinewy poems. What a pleasure to read this exciting poet's collection. Unlike some of the nigh-cabalistic poetry being published today, this book welcomes the reader like a door left ajar. It is an accomplished book - one that portends more great work to come."
- BJ Ward, Pushcart Prize Winner, Author of The Gravedigger's Birthday

"In Bruce Niedt's collection, Breathing Out, each poem serves as an exhale, a voice let loose, crafted carefully onto the page. Some are poignant breaths, such as 'Paris' a poem of four couplets which opens, 'There is no translation for silence.' Many turn everyday rituals, such as peeling an orange, into sensual acts. At times, it is the voice of something else which breathes out its take on the world: voice of Mars, a widow, and a stunning poem which carries the voice of a conjoined twin. It is as if Niedt has been an observer of life for years, taking things in, inhaling them as we do with air, air that is essential. Now, they have entered our atmosphere."
- Therése Halscheid, Author of Uncommon Geography

Available at finishinglinepress.com and Amazon.com .