March 3, 2010

THE ATHEIST’S PRAYER – by Madeline Tiger

THE ATHEIST’S PRAYER – by Madeline Tiger

Madeline Tiger in her own words:

“The more I worked on assembling this collection, the more I realized how poems are prayers. These poems speak through visions and memories, through teaching experiences, folk tales, Biblical stories, and my responses to visual arts.

Many of the poems are experimental in form and style; but the process is spiritual: the poems move toward what I can hold, and they teach me what to trust. It’s no coincidence that the title poem is a rush of language, a passionate declaration —of disbelief, and of belief.”

Poet and critic Eric Hoffman called the title poem “stunning, emotionally shattering,” and he wrote “I could hear echoes of Ginsberg but (in) your own voice, your own rendition. Also echoes of O’Hara in some of your wonderfully sharp observations of family life, of daily life.” Hoffman observed that the poems were “... rendered with a judicious hand,” that the poet is “entirely aware of her voice and the architecture of the poem(s)...” and that the poems “are confident and masterful...”

The title poem of The Atheist’s Prayer was performed in Poetry Alive, Ritz Theater, Haddon Township, Camden County, NJ, 2004.

“Apple Trees” in this new collection has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by U S 1, where it was originally published. The Atheist’s Prayer will be Madeline Tiger’s tenth collection of poetry.

Praise for Madeline Tiger’s poetry:

—Alicia Ostriker: “To read Madeline Tiger’s poetry is like flowing with the river of life itself... Life, love and death are her subjects–not the abstractions but the details, and she gets the details right.”

—Gerald Stern: “I much admire Madeline Tiger’s poetry of observation, her keen memory and her holding of things dear... I also admire her poems of pure imagination, dreamy and scary... ...she faces... heartbreaking experiences with the bravery of good music so that there is no fake comfort.... “

About Madeline Tiger:

Madeline Tiger’s most recently published collections are The Earth Which Is All (2008) and Birds of Sorrow and Joy: New and Selected Poems, 1970-2000 (2003). Her work appears regularly in journals and anthologies. She has been teaching in state programs and private workshops since 1973 and has been a “Dodge Poet” since 1986. She has five children and seven grandchildren and lives in Bloomfield, NJ under a weeping cherry tree. Birds of Sorrow and Joy won a Small Press Review “Pick of the Month” in June, 2003.

THE ATHEIST’S PRAYER – by Madeline Tiger
ISBN 978-1-933675-50-3

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