February 6, 2010


Dear friends,

The past year has seen plenty of new books and chapbooks published by New Jersey poets. We asked for some reminders and we've scanned our archives to bring you this list.

If you're a NJ poet and published a collection in the past year, drop us an email with the details.

Here, for now, the latest results.

Deniability - George Witte

George Witte is the author of two collections of poems: Deniability (Orchises Press, 2009) and The Apparitioners (Three Rail Press, 2005).

“George Witte’s Deniability takes on the war on terror, chronicling the myriad ways in which, with language as accomplice, it has left “the mind’s-eye map . . . undone.” In verse forms attuned to contain a flyaway reality, Witte relentlessly deconstructs the host of verbal misappropriations such as “hearts and minds,” “just war,” “rendition,” and “friendly fire” that blindside political discourse and with every repetition are “pearled anew.” Beginning with the fall of the Twin Towers and traveling forward in time, Deniability tracks an America enthralled by images of violence and fear. The deeply ironic voice of many of the poems is that of “we the people,” whose government’s power “to crush again and kiss the damage” enslaves both other nations and ourselves.”
–Lee Sharkey, author of A Darker, Sweeter String

“That arch-citizen, Suspicious, who lived among Them in the Cold War, now lives among Us. Is Us now. We all feel the costs and compromises of living ordinary lives in a nation whose actions contradict its ideals, but naming those costs and compromises (the first step toward contesting them) is difficult when our linguistic well has been poisoned by pervasive lying. That is why, now as ever, now more than ever, we need poetry, and it is the challenge George Witte’s Deniability accepts. From its first word, “uh-oh,” to its last, “listen,” Deniability shows us — commuters in “the tattooed N or R train / Eeling underground” — our lives, tenders us that clarity the absence of which “dispossesses our heirs by / failing,” as our leaders and media have failed, “to record the deed.”
–H. L. Hix, National Book Award finalist author of Chromatic

“'Deniability is book that begins with disasters and disorientations and moves through various tensions towards a questioning of witness, particularly photography. Formally held but lightly at an angle, the movement of the verse is sharp and a little purposively jerky, as though the whole world were on edge, the writing now dense and compressed, now clean like an open highway. There is always the option of tight control but options remain open. It is the tensions of our time George Witte is articulating and singing into shape. As he says: "Every corner / seems another threshold, as though/ you carry something delicate / from block to block toward home…'”
–George Szirtes, author of Reel

Recent work has been published in Kean Review, New Haven Review, Nimrod, Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, Smartish Pace, Virginia Quarterly Review, and in the 2007 Best American Poetry anthology. A native of Madison, N.J., he works as the editor in chief of St. Martin’s Press. He lives in Ridgewood, with his wife and their two daughters.

Orchises Press, January 2009: $14.95, 91 pages, ISBN 978-1-932535-19-8
George Witte grew up in Madison, lived in Hoboken, Glen Rock, and now Ridgewood.


I TOOK THE SCENIC ROUTE - Carrie McLeod Howson

New Jersey poet Carrie McLeod Howson's new collection of non-rhyming poetry I Took The Scenic Route is about family relationships, places, nature and observations about life. The author has lived in Vienna, Rome, Arizona, New York and New Jersey.

One poem, RADIO MEMORY, has been selected as an Editor's Choice in the 2008 Allen Ginsberg Awards contest.

For more informaion, contact:

Fat Cat Press
E-mail: scenic_route@earthlink.net
Carrie L. Howson
West Orange, NJ

I Took the Scenic Route can be previewed and purchased from Lulu.com for $12.00 plus p&h.

Visions of Clarity by Michael Fritts
published by Wasteland Press

Through poetic verse, Visions of Clarity serves an autobiographical reflection upon a decade in the author's life. The author fuses raw and personal experiences with thoughts inspired by such poets as David Lerner and Sharon Olds. Each poem allows the reader the opportunity to witness the author's growth-both as a person and as a writer-through intimate conversation about life, death, love, relationships, and everything in between. This is the author's first publication.
$12 bn.com, amazon.com
A SIEGE OF RAPTORS poems by Nancy Scott

A Siege of Raptors is a lighthearted departure from Nancy’s earlier two collections. Here you will find raggle-taggle gypsies, brides, monkeys, mushrooms, and mosquitoes. Scott’s poems remind us that the elements of traditional folklore lie just below the surface of even the most contemporary of social issues.—Linda Arntzenius

In A Siege of Raptors, Nancy lets the full range of her poetic imagination loose. With subject matter as diverse as the brutality of adolescent girls at summer camp, to a tongue-in-cheek history of the potato, and on to the invention or reinvention of fairy tales, her work continues to surprise, inform, and entertain.—Kathe L. Palka

I continue to be struck by Nancy’s knowledge, finely-honed wit, and expansive insights, which are matched in A Siege of Raptors with her keen sense of poetic craft. Often evocative and always a delicious read, this new linked series of poems will not disappoint. —Marsha Kroll

$14.00 through finishinglinepress.com or Nancy Scott, nscott29@aol.com

Tilt Press, 9309 Plashet Lane
Charlotte, North Carolina 28227
2009, 22 pp., $8.00
Congo Lights By John Petrolino

"Congo Lights" is a collection dedicated to looking at a cross section of America and American ideals, mortality, morality, social dichotomy, current social zeitgeists and the juxtaposition of religion and sexuality.

The title poem is based on Petrolino's sea voyage off the coast Africa in 2008. “We take and we take”, a line from “Congo Lights” explains some of the book’s themes…

“In this world, no matter what, we are going to have the under dog and those who are fortunate. There are always going to be people taking advantage of another culture or the Earth. What is paramount though, is to keep focused on what is important. Keeping yourself aware, living life to its fullest potential, being grateful for what you have and also not buying into the social hypnosis of what we are supposed to have and supposed to buy in order to be happy. We, as a people, must be free thinkers not sheep…” Petrolino explains.

Congo Lights is a trip through some of Petrolino’s observations and views and builds further on the themes of change, love and introspection that he set forth in Galleria.

About the Author: John Joseph Petrolino III is currently a United States Merchant Marine working as an Engineering Officer. He attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy and received his Bachelors of Science in Marine Engineering and his Third Assistant Engineer’s Officer License.

John also was a featured artist for the 2007 traveling sociology class: “Jack Kerouac Wrote Here: Crisscrossing America, Chasing Cool.” John has done guest lectures, readings and featured readings at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Georgian Court University, Brick High School, Neptune High School, The Middletown Art’s Center and The Barron Art’s Center.

Petrolino’s poetry has been featured in The Idiom Magazine, Eviscerator Heaven, The Bradstock Journal, Write On!! Magazette, The Working Tools Magazine, The Storm Generation Magazine, The New Jersey Freemason, WestWard Quarterly, Exit 13 and on poetryvlog.com, identitytheory.com and wordriot.org. John was also featured on the newly released World Spirit film Greenwich Village. He continues to work on his poetry and other works while aboard ship, traveling or at home.

Momentum - Cat Doty
CavanKerry Press

Catherine Doty received the 2003 Academy of American Poets Marjorie J. Wilson Award and fellowships from the New Jersey State Arts Council and the New York Foundation for the Arts. She has worked as a visiting artist for the Frost Place, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the New York Public Library, and other organizations. She was a finalist in the 2005 Paterson Poetry Prize competition for her book, Momentum (CavanKerry Press).
Snow, Shadows, a Stranger - POEMS by Laury A. Egan

I devote this book to loves lost,
to those leaving or who will leave,
to my own final exit.

With these lines from the opening poem, Laury Egan draws the reader into a stranger’s world where she considers childhood hopes and shadowy lovers, the loss and loneliness of middle age, and the awareness of the approaching last stage of life, whispering ominously in the wings. Written with lyric intensity, Snow, Shadows, a Stranger celebrates the forest, field, and sea as the poet weaves her experience of the natural with the emotional and philosophical.

“Hardness fits my hand / carves the contours of my dark hope,” writes Laury Egan. Snow, Shadows, a Stranger is indeed often dark. We endure with her “white spikes of lightning” and “tick of sleet.” We learn how to survive longing and loss as she has. Her “affinity for shadows” helps us cope with our own. But this is also a book of hope. Her lush imagery of the natural world propels us beyond the shadows; she engages all our senses and we emerge from the book renewed, as if we too were “wild onions greener than new grass.” Egan is a woman of courage, hers is a poetic voice unafraid.
—Karla Linn Merrifield, Midst; Godwit: Poems of Canada; and Dawn of Migration and Other Audubon Dreams

Laury A. Egan’s poetry has received a Pushcart Prize nomination and has appeared in The Emily Dickinson Awards Anthology, Icarus International, Atlanta Review, Willows Wept Review, The Ledge Magazine, Sea Stories, The Centrifugal Eye, and Main Channel Voices. She has also published short fiction, writes psychological suspense novels, and is a fine arts photographer.

80 pages, $16
Laury Egan is available for readings.
AMERICAN BOY: Pushing Sixty - Anthony Buccino
Working class verse about life and growing up in New Jersey.

From the center of the Baby Boom, this working class verse is about life and growing up in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and growing older in the 1980s, 1990s and the oughts.

His first poetry chapbook, Days You Knew Me, was published in 1976.

A NYC financial news editor by day, Buccino nonetheless writes with humor on his many feature length blog posts on NJ.com, in essays and in poetry. He peruses every day with tongue firmly in cheek seeking the humor to pay homage. He has been called “New Jersey’s ‘Garrison Keillor’ ” or something to that effect.’

He has published three essay collections, three poetry collections and two military history books.


Her new collection of poems, The Book of Seventy, -- poems that explore the territory of advancing age--its tragicomedies, its passions, its engagement with the world -- can be ordered from the University of Pittsburgh Press--800-621-2736--or from Borders, or Amazon.com

Alicia Ostriker is a major American poet and critic. Twice nominated for a National Book Award, she is author of many volumes of poetry.

As a critic Ostriker is the author of two pathbreaking volumes on women’s poetry, Writing Like a Woman and Stealing the Language: The Emergence of Women’s Poetry in America. Her most recent critical book is Dancing at the Devil’s Party: Essays on Poetry, Politics and the Erotic.

She has also published three books on the Bible, Feminist Revision and the Bible, the controversial The Nakedness of the Fathers; Biblical Visions and Revisions, a combination of prose and poetry that re-imagines the Bible from the perspective of a contemporary Jewish woman, and most recently, For the Love of God: the Bible as an Open Book.

Available at Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com

Check out Tony’s website at Tony Gruenewald

OVER EASY - Marcia Ivans
BOY ON A SWING - Salvatore Buttaci

Big Table Publishing

Rarely does a collection of poetry begin with the first moment of a poet's life, but that is just one of the surprises found in Boy on a Swing as the author looks back and pays tribute to those who have inspired him: Papa, Mama, Grandma, Grandpa, a deceased brother, Uncle Joe, Professor Davis who taught writing class in 1964, and a bar girl named Jen. With grace and affection, Buttaci remembers not the "fragile, hollow-boned, weary beneath the tonnage of so many fallen years" but "dark-brown eyes rich like new earth, hands smooth as silk" and "laughter leaping." One of those uncommon happy poets, Buttaci also demonstrates love for his wife Sharon in the sweetly-sentimental "Treasure Beyond Gold," and in "I Am From Dreams Where I Can Fly" he proudly sums up his rich heritage:

I am from the tears still shed since Papa, Frank, and Anna
left this world in God's friendship to reserve a place for me.
I am from dreams where I can fly, final words my father spoke,
the prayers in my mother's Bible, Sharon's kiss upon my cheek –

Irving Miller, author of Moonburn, says, "Salvatore Buttaci has touched the universal experiences shared by all of us. From the opening sonnet on his birth to the final poem on the importance of dreams, he summons memories of growing up as an Italian American in Brooklyn with enough warmth, humanity, and understanding to melt the heart of even the most jaded reader. His skillful use of language and form, with no wasted words, makes for a collection that will be read again and again."

For Susan Yount (editor, Arsenic Lobster) "Salvatore Buttaci's poetry uncovers a delightful, honest boyhood from beginning to end. His poems, 'wrapped in good intentions,' are gifts making 'all that is sad happy again.' Ultimately, one will discover that his poems are blissful, breathing and pleased to be flourishing with the goodness of life."

And according to Rodger LeGrand, author of Hope and Compulsion, "You'll get to know Buttaci well in this poignant collection of poems, where the details of his life evoke memories of our own, where we'll rediscover all the things that are too precious to let go. Like the 1890 Lady Liberty silver dollar Buttaci received as a boy, these moments from childhood are worth storing in an old box so that one day we can look back on them and remember."

To order a copy of Boy on a Swing, please visit www.BigTablePublishing.com and click on the "Titles" link.

To learn more about the author and read excerpts, please go to www.TheChapbookStore.com.

"The Carriage House Poetry Series
Tenth Anniversary Anthology"
published by Muse-Pie Press

Anthology features 41 selected poets who read in the Carriage House Series in Fanwood from 1998 to 2008, including 2001 Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn and Academy of America Poets Chancellor Gerald Stern.

The Carriage House Poetry Series was founded by Adele Kenny in 1998. Readings are held in the Patricia Kuran Arts Center, an historic Gothic Revival structure that was once a 19th century carriage house, hence the name of the series.

The Idiom Magazine: An Anthology Of Volumes 1 And 2
Contact: christine@philadelphiastories.org
Thatchwork - Anthology Dedicated to Sid Rowland
Contact: Joseph Longino
The Poetry of Place: North Jersey In Poetry
An Anthology Celebrating the Poetry of William Carlos Williams - Edited by Maria Mazziotti Gillan and Mark Hillringhouse.

Poems that capture places and experiences in North Jersey.

By 45 poets from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Iowa.

Featuring: Svea Barrett, Laura Boss, Mark Brunetti, Anthony Buccino, Laurie Byro, Robert Carnevale, John Chorazy, Philip Cioffari, Doris Disavino, Andrew Fader, Frank Fyffe, Marilyn A. Gelman, Kathleen Gerart, Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Sharon Lynn Griffiths, James D. Gwyn, William J. Higginson, Mark Hillringhouse, Charles H. Johnson, Janet Kolstein, Gilda Kreuter, Michelle Lerner, Joel Lewis, Don Lynch, Manuel E. Martinez, Sheila O'Neill Massoni, Stephen McNamara, ChloƉ Yelena Miller, Howard Nelson, Frank L. Niccoletti, Estelle Padawer, Linda Radice, Christine Redman-Waldeyer, Ellen Rowe, Gene Simakowitz, Carole Stone, Maxine Susman, Marianne Taylor, Christine Turczyn, Joe E. Weil, Sander Zulauf.
"On the Boardwalk" - J. LOUIS YAMPOLSKY
One Morning In Jersey City - Anthony Buccino

Voices On The Bus - Anthony Buccino

Books avalable in print or download.
AS IF FREE - Burt Kimmelman
Talisman House

About As If Free:

Make no mistake about it: Burt Kimmelman appears here – not for the first time – as a successor to the lineage of William Carlos Williams & George Oppen (to name but two), no less so for being a master of that lineage worn proudly. The sense of number in his writing – particle by particle & breath by breath – & the attention that he gives to other particulars – the littlest words & the small moments through which we live – are of a piece. In this there is nothing minor or modest, although it might appear to be just that, but a strict & powerful accounting, leaving me – for one – filled with admiration & hooked on every word.
– Jerome Rothenberg

Link to As If Free at Amazon:

Link to As If Free at SPD / Small Press Distribution:

SUGAR AND SAND - Gail Fishman Gerwin

Gail Fishman Gerwin’s poetry and fiction appear or will appear in Calyx, Lips, Thema, New Millennium Writings, and Paterson Literary Review, where she earned Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award honorable mention. Author of the poetic memoir, Sugar and Sand, she holds an A.B. from Goucher College and an M.A. from NYU. A Paterson native, Gerwin is principal of the Morristown communications firm inedit.


Her first book, Midnight Voices, was published in 2009. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Best New Poets 2006, New South, and The Georgia Review. She's received fellowships from the MacDowell Colony, the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and is a 2009 Walter E. Dakin fellow at the Sewanee Writers' Conference.

She is founding editor of 32 Poems Magazine (http://www.32poems.com/). Many poems first appearing in 32 Poems have been honored in the Best American Poetry and Best New Poets anthologies and on Verse Daily and Poetry Daily. http://www.deborahager.com/


Daniel P. Quinn's "Organized Labor: Collected Poems," at New York's Landmark Tavern. Book signing and brunch with Daniel P Quinn, great-grandson of the manger of the Landmark Tavern in the 1890's.

See reviews of the book at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/3/prweb214498.htm
Book signings are also available. Go to http://www.authorhouse.com/

Gravedigger’s Birthday - B.J. Ward
North Atlantic Books

His work has been featured on National Public Radio, New Jersey Network’s State of the Arts, and the web site, Poetry Daily. His poems have appeared in publications such as Poetry, TriQuarterly, The New York Times, and the Pushcart Prize Anthology. He is the recipient of two Distinguished Artist Fellowships from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and he teaches in the Creative Writing program at Warren County Community College.
PAINTING THE CHRISTMAS TREES - Joe Weil (Texas Review Press)

WHAT REMAINS - Joe Weil (Nightshade Press)

Joe Weil teaches poetry and fiction in the Creative Writing program at Binghamton University (SUNY). He has been a Dodge Foundation Poet and appeared on Bill Moyers’s “Fooling with Words” series on PBS. Joe was founding editor of Black Swan Review and his poetry has been published in a wide range of journals and magazines. He is the author of In Praise We Enter and The Pursuit of Happiness, as well as two new collections.

THE DRIVE HOME - Susanna Rich

Susanna Rich is the author of two poetry collections –The Drive Home (2009) and Television Daddy (2008). She is the recipient of the first joint Fulbright and Collegium Budapest Fellowship in Creative Writing, and a Pushcart Prize nominee. She opened a traveling one-woman, audience-interactive poetry performance of Television Daddy, directed by Ernest Wiggins. Susanna is currently working on another audience-interactive, multi-media one-woman show entitled ‘The Drive Home,’ based on her 2009 poetry collection of the same name.

Please visit her at http://www.susannarich.com/


Blue Chevies is his first book of poems, a funny, poignant, sly set of reflections that range from his native South Dakota to New Jersey and reflect his grounding in the real world that can be so clearly perceived in poetic forms that have been polished and worked on for decades, until they have become Jim Klein poems!

Jim Klein on line

WHAT GOES ON: SELECTED & NEW POEMS 1995-2009 - Stephen Dunn
(W.W. Norton).

Stephen Dunn is the author of fifteen collections of poetry, including the recent His Different Hours was awarded the 2001 Pulitzer Prize. Among his other books are Everything Else in the World (W. W. Norton, 2006); Local Visitations (2003); Loosestrife (1996); New and Selected Poems: 1974-1994 (1994); Landscape at the End of the Century (1991); Between Angels (1989); and Local Time (1986), winner of the National Poetry Series. He is also the author of Walking Light: Memoirs and Essays on Poetry (BOA Editions, 2001), and Riffs & Reciprocities: Prose Pairs (1998).

Grave Rubbings: New and Selected Poems; and Telling Abuse: New Poems

WHAT FEEDS US - Diane Lockward

Finishing Line Press

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