January 10, 2010

A Note From Daniel P Quinn

Dear Patrons,

My poems will be published by 3 different literary magazines in early 2010. They include The Poetry Factory with "Omaggio" in W. Virginia, and my 9/10/11/ poem in Arizona and NJ.

"Omaggio" is also included in my book "organized labor: collected poems" (AuthorHouse 2004/05) on sale now.

And my Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT Classic Books) will follow these in March, 2010 as part of this anthology of American drama.

With best wishes,

Daniel P Quinn, SDC, NYC

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Irish Institute Award, Short Play Festival Award, Catholic Charities Award,
Co-Producer of OBIE award winning production with MayDay Co., Dublin,

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dquinn711 said...


The Societal "We"

We talk of security
We think of the past as a generation
That ancient was the nineteenth century

That history began when we were born.
Rather than 1900, 900, 90, or 9A.D.

Other generations left us art
What will we leave
Atomic waste ?

© 2011 by Daniel P. Quinn


Thinking of the space
the haves
and the have nots.

the announcers
snicker through a newscast.

Editorializing the notion of
as if a joke or an in-joke
to be dismissed and laughed at.

The world in the studio,
the world from the studio
and my world.

© 2011 by Daniel P. Quinn

Irish Institute Award, Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT Classics) 2010;
Exits & Entrances, 25 years Off-Broadway (2007-8) and Organized Labor (AuthorHouse) 2005.