January 2, 2010

JHPF FIRST TUESDAYS: Tuesday, January 5

Happy New Years to everyone!

Our first event in the 2010 is coming up! Join us this coming Tuesday, January 5th in the evening for the JHPF FIRST TUESDAYS open mic featuring Christina Rau!

Christina M. Rau is the founder and director of Poets In Nassau, a reading circuit on Long Island, NY. She teaches English full-time at Nassau Community College where she is also part of the Creative Writing Project. Her poetry has most recently been published in The Comstock Review, Chickenpinata, and Main Street Rag. She also writes a column for RealityShack.com about reality tv shows she should be ashamed of watching.

Sign-up starts at 7pm, readings begin at 7:30. Join us at Terraza Cafe - on Gleane street and Roosevelt avenue, off the 82nd street stop on the 7 Train! You can find directions here.

For more information check out our website, or shoot us an email.
See you tomorrow night!!


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