October 5, 2009

Boy on a Swing by Salvatore Buttaci

Boy on a Swing by Salvatore Buttaci
Now Available from Big Table Publishing
Rarely does a collection of poetry begin with the first moment of a poet's life, but that is just one of the surprises found in Boy on a Swing as the author looks back and pays tribute to those who have inspired him: Papa, Mama, Grandma, Grandpa, a deceased brother, Uncle Joe, Professor Davis who taught writing class in 1964, and a bar girl named Jen. With grace and affection, Buttaci remembers not the "fragile, hollow-boned, weary beneath the tonnage of so many fallen years" but "dark-brown eyes rich like new earth, hands smooth as silk" and "laughter leaping." One of those uncommon happy poets, Buttaci also demonstrates love for his wife Sharon in the sweetly-sentimental "Treasure Beyond Gold," and in "I Am From Dreams Where I Can Fly" he proudly sums up his rich heritage:
I am from the tears still shed since Papa, Frank, and Anna
left this world in God's friendship to reserve a place for me.
I am from dreams where I can fly, final words my father spoke,
the prayers in my mother's Bible, Sharon's kiss upon my cheek –
Irving Miller, author of Moonburn, says, "Salvatore Buttaci has touched the universal experiences shared by all of us. From the opening sonnet on his birth to the final poem on the importance of dreams, he summons memories of growing up as an Italian American in Brooklyn with enough warmth, humanity, and understanding to melt the heart of even the most jaded reader. His skillful use of language and form, with no wasted words, makes for a collection that will be read again and again."
For Susan Yount (editor, Arsenic Lobster) "Salvatore Buttaci's poetry uncovers a delightful, honest boyhood from beginning to end. His poems, 'wrapped in good intentions,' are gifts making 'all that is sad happy again.' Ultimately, one will discover that his poems are blissful, breathing and pleased to be flourishing with the goodness of life."
And according to Rodger LeGrand, author of Hope and Compulsion, "You'll get to know Buttaci well in this poignant collection of poems, where the details of his life evoke memories of our own, where we'll rediscover all the things that are too precious to let go. Like the 1890 Lady Liberty silver dollar Buttaci received as a boy, these moments from childhood are worth storing in an old box so that one day we can look back on them and remember."
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