October 6, 2009

ALICIA OSTRIKER: The Book of Seventy

ALICIA OSTRIKER : The Book of Seventy

Her new collection of poems, The Book of Seventy, -- poems that explore the territory of advancing age--its tragicomedies, its passions, its engagement with the world -- can be ordered from the University of Pittsburgh Press--800-621-2736--or from Borders, or Amazon.com

Reading and signing:
Barnard College, Tuesday Oct 13, 7pm: the Sulzberger Parlor, 3rd floor of Barnard main building on 116th St and broadway (NW corner), NYC.

Alicia Ostriker is a major American poet and critic. Twice nominated for a National Book Award, she is author of many volumes of poetry.

As a critic Ostriker is the author of two pathbreaking volumes on women’s poetry, Writing Like a Woman and Stealing the Language: The Emergence of Women’s Poetry in America. Her most recent critical book is Dancing at the Devil’s Party: Essays on Poetry, Politics and the Erotic.

She has also published three books on the Bible, Feminist Revision and the Bible, the controversial The Nakedness of the Fathers; Biblical Visions and Revisions, a combination of prose and poetry that re-imagines the Bible from the perspective of a contemporary Jewish woman, and most recently, For the Love of God: the Bible as an Open Book.

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