July 24, 2009

When Something Sounds Too Good To Be True...

Inspiring New Poets Teaches How to Make Money with Poetry and Publishes Poems for Just $2.00

Inspiring New poets is a poetry company dedicated in helping poets attain financial freedom through writing poems. It organizes poetry contests and continually guides members to start earning part time to full time incomes from poetry.

Riverside, CA, July 24, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Poetry magic defines poetry in the following ways: 1."A short piece of imaginative writing, of a personal nature and laid out in lines" 2. A "responsible attempt to understand the world in human terms through literary composition". Either way, One can simply say that poetry is the expression of human feelings in lines.

Poetry is an art of writing. Writing is a profession that earns individuals good income, but the individuals that earn good income from writing are usually novelists, authors of books, and authors of articles. One can count how many poets make money from poetry.

To this end, Inspiring New Poets emerged after thorough research into how individuals can make full time income from poetry. The mission statement of this company is 'Inspiring new poets to move forward!' Their goals are:
1. To guide poets into financial freedom through poetry.
2. To help poets publish their poems for as little as $2.00


Becoming a member of inspiring new poets has the following benefits:
1. Continuous support from the company to help the individuals attain financial freedom through poetry.
2. Access to weekly poetry contests with cash prizes between $25 to $100
3. Access to start making money from the first day of membership

All these and more are achieved for a one time membership fee of $9.95. No hidden fees, no other charges.The members always say that the benefits of membership are not commensurate with the membership fee. The publishing aspect is not only for members, it is for every poet that wants their poems published.

To join Inspiring New poets, visit the website www.inspiringnewpoets.com click the membership area, pay the one time membership fees and the journey to financial freedom as a poet has begun.



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