March 3, 2009

Poetry and College credits

In 2006, Diane Lockward's third poetry collection What Feeds Us won the Quentin R. Howard Poetry Prize.

In 2009, non-Lit major students at Caldwell College met the poet, read her book and suggested ten titles she should read at the Caldwell Library on Feb. 28. Lockward and the students culled the 40 selections to ten. Then the students coordinated the reading, including publicity to news media and online outlets, refreshments and moving around chairs in the library as needed.

From left, students, poet and professor, Robert Arena, Kevoi Walters, Bryan Broderick, Steven DeAngelis, Diane Lockward, MaryAnn Miller.

Saturday's reading is one of several joint productions of Caldwell Public Library and Caldwell College. The project, offered to non-majors at Caldwell college in Dr. Maryann Miller’s, Caldwell College, Introduction to Poetry class was choice between another term paper, or working with a living poet.

Lockward's set list:

The Tomato Envies the Peach
The First Artichoke
Love Test: A Ghazal
An Average Day for an Average Life
Gender Issue
Organic Fruit
The Best Words

(There should be ten poems on this list!)
Following the reading, poetry mostly about food, we just had to go out and eat Italian food. But before we did, we chatted with other NJ poets, including Elizabeth Marchetti, David Vincenti and his daughter, a budding poet.

Students have been working with local New Jersey poets and media professional Loren Kleinman in order to learn more about communications related fields such as event planning and promoting. The final student project is arranging a poetry reading, which is a free event open to the general public, featuring Loren Kleinman scheduled for March 26 at Tasty CoCo at 6:30 pm.
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