March 14, 2009

Girl Talk: A Women's Poetry Reading - pics

A Reading in Celebration of Women's History Month Women Poets Reading Poems That Reflect the Lives of Women

Svea Barrett, Broeck Wahl Blumberg, Teresa Carson, Nicole Cooley, Jessica deKoninck, Ann M. DeVenezia, Mary Florio, Sondra Gash, Gail Gerwin, Laura Freedgood, Penny Harter, Gloria Healy, Adele Kenny, Gina Larkin, Diane Lockward, Julie Maloney, Elizabeth Marchitti, Jean Meyers, Marilyn Mohr, Wanda Praisner, Linda Radice, Susanna Rich, Carole Stone, Skye Van Saun, Christine Waldeyer

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Link to photos by Anthony Buccino

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Link to photos

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Carrie said...

Nice job, Anthony. From my perspective, not an unflattering portrait in the lot.